Social networks have been the most vivid trend in the informational environment of the last decade, and will continue to be so far at least another five years.


The Runet audience amounts to around 40 million users over the age of 18. Taking younger users into account, this number rises to 50 million.


According to official research, half of all Runet users spend over 85% of their time on the internet visiting social resources.


Applications for social networks (and game applications in particular) currently generate over 50% of the traffic on social networks.


Our audience capture is comparable to that of television channels and opens up big possibilities for developing partner projects.


Our applications hold leading positions on social network leaderboards.


We create high-quality game content. We generate ideas quickly and bring them to life. The professionalism of this approach to work is shown by the growing popularity of our games.


We are open to productive collaboration, we listen to all new ideas with interest, and we provide unorthodox solutions.