Senior Game Designer

Do you enjoy wearing multiple hats of the psychologist, analyst and creative director while being obsessed with ultimate gameplay experience? Got some pretty nice examples of published projects? Then we urgently need to have a coffee and a friendly chat together!

Player Experience Senior

This role is all about people and their experiences, be it a player or your more junior colleague. This is a rare opportunity to mentor and grow a team of passionate Player Experience Specialists in order to help them to realize their full potential while contributing to our Social Quantum player experience standard!

Localization QA Specialist

Do you hate bugs and glitches? Can you only relax when none are in sight? Can’t live with mistakes, typos and bad phrasing in printed speech? Like it when things are not just good, but perfect? If you would answer ‘yes’ to all of those, then we’d urgently like to invite you for a coffee (fully on us) and a friendly chat!

Game Analyst

Do you fancy finding needles in haystacks of data and enjoy predicting things based on careful analysis? Keen to navigate the success of the project by defining metrics and delivering actionable data and insights? Then we urgently need to have a coffee (fully on us) and a friendly chat!

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